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We often hear that movement, such as aerobics running, yoga, Tai Chi, helps us to live better.

Each sport or activity has its own prerogative for the well-being of the body and psyche. We don't always need the same kind of activity and breath. 


The Bioenergeticfitnesss is a dynamic workout that varies according to the needs of the person, and which works on muscle mass by strengthening and stretching the muscles through combined exercises and breathing variations. 


In classical yoga, deep breathing in a static position is practiced for all asanas. In Kundalini Yoga we find many variations of breaths that have different functions. 


Body and mind are in continuous movement, like the passing of time, and the goal of the Bioenergeticfitness is  conscious sports training, with mental and physical alignment in the fluidity of body movements accompanied by the right breath.


My name is Francesca Romana Lefemine, and I am the founder of BIT. I have extensive athletic expertise as a former gymnast, and current Pilates instructor, Yoga Kundalini practitioner, and functional workout trainer.  I practice Tai Chi and Yoga Kundalini to align with nature and the universe around us. I also practice running as if it were meditation with rhythmic breathing. 


I have experience as a children’s artistic gymnastics teacher which allowed me to remember the playfulness in movement  

Through these experiences I have created this discipline, and I want to emphasize that sports are practiced at various levels, so it will ensure the transformation of your body, following the path with tenacity and dedication. The word TRAIL stands for path and is the key to the activity.  As the great Ghibram said, "The road is not the road, it is how you travel it", and this is the leitmotif of this activity that will not only change your body, but through this program of breathing, movement and grounding to the  earth, you will recognize your body as perfect and intelligent.


Learn to stay in your body and relive the pleasure of movement as when you ran as a child, because movement is play.


All of us as children, even the less sporty, tried to do a cartwheel or a handstandl. Then there were those who were naturally endowed with a powerful and elastic physique who were able to sustain acrobatic positions without specific preparation.


To master our body and consequently our mind, we must train. Training must be done in a systematic way, even leaving the muscles at rest for a few days to allow them to recover. BIT training alternates phases of dynamic exercises interspersed with static exercises and with breathing variations.


Each lesson lasts 1 hour and 20 minutes. The first phase begins with finding the roots of the feet on the ground, which  lasts about 10 minutes. The second stretching phase lasts 10 minutes.  Then, the third, central strengthening phase, lasts about 40 minutes. The final phase is  20 minutes of muscle lengthening that has as its goal the maximum extension of the muscle groups, in order to allow the body to be equally powerful and flexible. 


The mind will be powerful and flexible like the body,. We don't always have to be strong, our elasticity will allow us to adapt to every situation, to look at the world upside down, or to face every obstacle with pride and firm feet.


The physical change is evident already after the first two weeks of training.

You will lose excess fat in a short time, and every muscle will be defined with constant training.

The first thing that will happen will be weight loss through  the alternation of heartbeats. 

Then you will see each muscle group defined. Your body and mind will be strong and flexible.

The BIT will change you.

Facing the obstacles of life will be less tiring and more aware because the energy produced by your body will give you solutions.

T will makie you more grounded, self’aware, confident and energized to overcome obstacles in your life.

Seeing is believing!

Francesca Romana Lefemine




 Francesca Romana Lefemine

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